How to Make Him Think You're a Goddess Tonight

Make him forget every other woman on earth! Make him forget his own name with these three sexy moves!

1. Turn on the stove. It doesn't matter if it's filet mignon wrapped in bacon or mac n cheese with hot dogs the fact is that men love food. A note about the microwave; it isn't just your toy. Share it with him, and steam up the kitchen; just watch those piercings.

2. Keep the lights on. Yes, candlelight dinners might look nice but most men in a recent survey said they liked to see what they were eating.

3. Iron Something. These days guys usually do their own ironing, often by creative means. Pull this sexy switcheroo and if your man doesn't wear button-downs then iron his shorts. Don't forget to fold them! If you're in a relationship that extends as far as his drawers, go there! If it's a new relationship, courtesy demands that you stash the laundry neatly on top of the dresser.

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Choosing the Most Flattering Cellphone

You've seen them, the celebrities who know just what style of cellphone looks best on them. Here we open up these glamour girl secrets for the cellphone that will bring out hot talker in you.

- Like her new hit single, Froufrou Lipp is truly 'wound up' with her sleek retro Clockwork. Just right for a young star the sleek lines as well as the many apps really play up her eyes and make her newly plumped lips look their best. Truly no better way to say, 'I'm eighteen going on thirty!"

- Gloss Inglash was spotted texting like a maniac on her Topiary Surprise. This phone plays up her careful manicure and is a more grown-up option than the Clockwork. With no apparent reason for her celebrity, we recommend this as the essential phone for any social climber.

- 'Candy' Dish rocks the Steelcity Cosh which, let's be honest, compliments the bosom that has roughly the same effect on men as the the weapon her cellphone is named for.

Famous Hairstyles of the Librarians

One of the hottest hairstyle trends for spring is the Librarian Updo featuring tight buns, peekaboo bangs, and the impression that a woman may explode any second. This severe style might have been made famous by the notorious Madeline Stacks of the Susquepequa Public Library but who can forget Rosa D. Fyler, fierce librarian of the Tunnelton Free Library? The key to this look is to keep your bedhead on the inside and exhibit a solid knowledge of the Dewey decimal system.

What guys REALLY think when they pass a car dealership

We polled some guys for their secret thoughts when they have that 'blank look' when passing a car dealership. If you've ever wanted to crawl inside your boyfriend's head, here's a taste.

"I'm driving along and it's like, whoa, I think I need a breath mint. Then she says, 'Were you looking at that Porsche? You were looking at the Porsche that they've had sitting out there for, like, six months,' and I'm like, 'Yeah'. I don't want her to think that I'm obsessing about hygiene."
- Mark, 24, Needs confidence implant

"So I we're passing all these sweet rides and I can totally see myself in that truck. It's all jacked up, exhaust pipes bigger than my upper arm, probably makes a sound like a tiger dipped in acid but, y'know, when she asks me about it I'm just like, 'Yeah, sure, I saw the minivans. What about a Prius for now, though?'"
- Steve, 22, Totally whipped

"Oh geez, do we have to go there? I totally don't know what we're looking at. She's all, 'Don't you just love muscle cars?' and I wouldn't know what a muscle car was if it ran me over."
- Charles, 32, Sensitive and speaks fluent Geek

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